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If you love music of different genre and want to share with your family and friends, this is an excellent opportunity to own one of the greatest collections of over 350,000 MP3's (fills a 2tb hard drive) including 50's - 60's oldies, classic rock 70's - xxxx's, classic soul 50's - xxxx's, electronic, dance. Contains a large collection of hundreds of original artists and all of their albums (Some Examples: Eagles 17 albums, Eric Clapton 66 albums, Temptations 66 albums, Stevie Wonder 43 albums, Michael Jackson 32 albums, Beatles 50 albums, Rolling Stones 51 albums, Creedence Clearwater Revival 18 albums) - You name an artist, album or song, it's probably on here. $275 price includes 350,000 MP3's, 2TB external hard drive (PC or Mac -Please let me know which one you have). Shipping not includedVery affordable price considering most individual MP3 songs cost $.99 eachNote: It takes approximately 2-3 business days for me to receive the hard drive and 2 days to transfer the collection.I have a number of satisfied customers.Payment: PayPal ONLY